Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Lucky One

The Lucky One is by far one of the best novels Nicholas Sparks has written. I seriously read it in a total of two days. It was that captivating. The beginning was a little slow, if anything, but overall it was a great storyline.

The story is about a marine named Logan Thibault who found a photograph of a woman while serving his time in the Iraq war. He had assumed another solider had lost it, but weeks went by and no one claimed it. So, Logan decided to keep it and with that one decision things changed for the best. He suddenly had a streak of luck, surviving through all of the horrible combat in Iraq. He believed the photograph was the cause. That it was his lucky charm.  

Once Logan returned home in Colorado he decided to find this girl in the photograph and thank her for saving his life. It was a mission he was determined  to complete. He walked all the way from Colorado to North Carolina with his German Sheppard Zeus by his side.

Once he meets the girl from the photograph, Logan is unsure how to tell her the truth. So he plans on taking life as it comes and getting a job at her family’s kennel. Over time Beth (the girl in the picture) and Logan become close and end up falling for each other. Now that Logan and Beth have fallen for each other Logan still can’t work up the nerve to tell her why he truly came. Will Beth find out on her own through others sources? If she does find out, will this hurt their relationship?

Read the book and find out before seeing the motion picture. Nicholas Sparks has a tendency to write sad endings, but don’t worry this one has a happy one. I promise.


  1. This looks like a good book. :)

  2. Definitely need to read this one. Thanks so much for the review! I never know with Nicholas Sparks. Some of his books are too sad for me.

  3. Court I watched the movie and didn't understand why she would get mad that he found the picture??

  4. She got mad because she gave that pic to her brother not to Logan and was upset because Logan lived and not her brother becasue that was meant to be her brother's good luck charm.