Monday, July 2, 2012


Shiver is a book I once read when I lived in Florida. I find it funny that the book’s setting is based in Minnesota where I now live. I’ve recently reread it and now that I’m in MN it is easier to picture the setting in my mind.

Shiver is a unique love story. It starts off from a girl’s point of view named Grace. She lives in a small town in Minnesota. Her house is surrounded by a beautiful, penetrating forest. Within that forest lies a pack of wolves (don’t worry it’s not similar to Twilight). As a little girl Grace watched the wolves and heard them howling at night. However there was one wolf in particular with yellow eyes that Grace had a soft spot for.

Grace’s parents are very aloof and detached from her life, so Grace is home alone a lot during her lifetime. Flash forward and Grace is in high school still admiring the wolves from afar. After a boring day at school she comes home to find a man in her house staring up at her with the same yellow eyes.

His name is Sam and they become close throughout the book. Grace learns the secrets about the wolf pack and why Sam is the way he is. This is not your typical werewolf book. I was shocked when I found out the secret explanation as to why they shift. Sam doesn’t shift into some magical werewolf with powers. That’s why I was attracted to this book, because it’s different and not cheesy. Sam longs to remain himself were he can be with Grace, but is constricted beyond his control. Find out if Sam can overcome his condition and continue in their engaging relationship.

Shiver is a trilogy. Linger is the second book and Forever is the third book. If you fall in love with Shiver I definitely recommend getting the second and third.

Also I’ve heard the author Maggie Stiefvater has come out with a four book called Litter! I haven’t read it yet, but I definitely will and I’ll let you guys know how it is J I guess the series isn’t a trilogy anymore